03 Oct

It is without a doubt that Rose gold jewelry is extremely versatile thus making styling it a piece of cake. Despite this, so many people still get it wrong yet they can easily find an outfit that captures attention.  One of the simplest ways to incorporate rose gold into your fashion is settling for a rose gold watch.

By opting for a rose gold watch, you’re definitely going to add a bold touch to any outfit you choose to wear. Depending on the type of watch you settle on, you can always pair it with formal or casual wear. Read on and find out more.

Women’s Casual 

Of course, an everyday timepiece is something you can enjoy wearing and looking at most of the times. This, however, depends on your most preferred style. For instance, a casual leather strap, a minimalistic style together with fewer decorative stones can serve you perfectly. Alternatively, you can opt for a rose gold metal strap and decorative gems. Regardless of the option you go with, a rose gold watch will always leave a statement with your wardrobe.

Women’s Formal 

For women who would rather wear formal, then you will never run out of options when wearing a rose gold watch. To amplify your formal look, ensure the watch has more ornate and decorative feature s. You may opt for a watch with a bracelet-like wrist strap or simply go with one having decorative clock face establishments.

Be sure to coordinate the rose gold watch with your formals outfit if you’re to attain a cohesive and elegant look. This is just what you need to boost your confidence when walking around or interacting with other people.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a gold watch and blending it perfectly with your outfits should never be the reason behind your headache. Simply make use of the aforementioned tips and you’re good to go. If it is still proving hard, seek the help of experts in the fashion world. It is then that you can determine what works perfectly for you.

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